Tuesday, May 16, 2017


was she insane
to be reclusive
or was she wise?
(this world's abusive)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Future Vision

*for J & L, whom I love dearly*

This will end.
The tension,
the lying,
the excuses and excuses
     and empty promises;
This will work out.

The wall is being
knocked down
one chunck at a time, a little
more everyday.

The years' worth of
     anger and frustration
     will be blown apart and forgiven forever.

There will be joy;
There will be peace

There will be love after
     all this painful bullshit gets sorted out.
You will get back to the basics
     of love and family and friendship.

These wounds are being torn open,
and will heal into smooth scars of the past,
     not forgotten but no longer destroying
     the flesh of your marriage.

This will work out.

All this rot will go away,
will make fertile ground
for new life to grow.

This will work out.

I believe

that this will work

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Welcome Home

the gravel crunch up the alley
and the rustle of the dogs racing to the back door
tell me you are home from work for the day

     [the old familiar leap in my chest
     the heartbeat speeding up
     my senses readying themselves
     for the taste of your soft lips
     and the smooth feel of your long brown hair]

welcome home,