Monday, October 16, 2017


I said, Morning. It's Monday again?
Arne replied
with his trademark straight face,
          It's the worst Monday of the week.
It took a moment to click
[Monday morning fuzzy brain]
then I chuckled and thought that
Arne's the best.

true life is zeros and ones

so much data
it's all data, everything data
if you don't know data,
you don't know shit
data data data
information formation
in my pleasure zone
it gets me high
knowing everything
about everything
about everyone
all the time, twentyfourseven
it's my drug of choice
i don't need sleep
i don't need interaction
i need data i need data
i need information
i need it i need it i need it

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Quiet Lunch

this lunchbreak
without a phone
in sight
seems a bit constricting
but oddly
it feels freeing

a child hates the rules
he's been told to respect
then looks back one day
to find they allowed
for much more freedom
than what anarchy
would have given

the supposed freedom
of endless choices
deadlocks my mind
     steals joy
     from the moment at hand

instead of thinking
of what I have before me
     I'm anxious about
     what I could have instead

with these boundaries,
and a distance
from the Google
     this lunch is bound
     to be the best I've had
     in a while