Thursday, September 7, 2017

Quiet Lunch

this lunchbreak
without a phone
in sight
seems a bit constricting
but oddly
it feels freeing

a child hates the rules
he's been told to respect
then looks back one day
to find they allowed
for much more freedom
than what anarchy
would have given

the supposed freedom
of endless choices
deadlocks my mind
     steals joy
     from the moment at hand

instead of thinking
of what I have before me
     I'm anxious about
     what I could have instead

with these boundaries,
and a distance
from the Google
     this lunch is bound
     to be the best I've had
     in a while

Monday, August 14, 2017

Tanka, July 2017

barbed hook
gleaming with promise
the fish's
instant regret

          five brief lines
          a moment
          then an impression
          I believe you are
          the perfect form

this rejection
tells me
that at least
I tried

          God of grace
          please quiet my soul
          I've run off again
          on my own
          and got lost

between two ferns
with zach galifianakis
could entertain me
for hours
and does

          toes in the gentle waves
          jack johnson in the speakers
          we pass slow time
          and hope
          for forever

only ever lasts
for about a week
never gets old

          she's a little sick
          in need of big changes
          but she's still the land of the free
          home of the brave

taylor swift
was once my guilty pleasure
but I don't feel guilty
good songs are good songs

          that neat thing
          we celebrate
          though I no longer
          like fireworks

the fouled motor
gives up
our crab pots
stay out overnight

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Past & Present

The boy I see before me now
With blue eyes like two shining stars
Was once a patient of chemo
But now has only distant scars