Tuesday, October 4, 2016


she said yes
     i was ecstatic
     for two days or three
but then
i started analyzing
smothering the joy
with fears of the unknown

     we're too young
i don't know what my career will be
     what if we end up splitting up
     like both of our own families did

i shut up
i started trusting

we were put together
for a reason
     she said she loved me
having known her for so long already
i knew
beyond doubt
she was one of the most faithful humans
i have ever met
     and then

i woke up this morning
fifteen years after becoming her man for life
     she smiled and kissed me
i still have the same young-man's love-silliness
about her
     but now
     it's tempered with a concrete love
     that goes beyond emotion
     goes beyond fear
     goes beyond all of the mistakes i've ever made
     that gives me joy
     each day and night
     and i am so thankful
     that that analytical fearful immature me
     did not win out
     all those years ago

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