Thursday, October 13, 2016


season one:
madly in love,
next to no money,
no idea about the future
except for being in it

season two:
hard work,
paychecks growing
in size:
bigger t.v.,
newer cars,
et cetera,
et cetera.

season three:
kids come along.
money thins out.
energy thins out.
time alone together
slowly thins out
until finally . . .

season four:
. . . there is no more left.
money comes back,
a little more energy,
kids growing up,
bringing such joy
to a mother
and a father
who have slowly become
little more than room mates.

season five:
a little older,
a little richer
by the world's standards
but fuck the world's standards
because we're having a hard time
getting along these days.
it seems this marriage just will not
fire on all cylinders
very much anymore
or maybe never again.

season six:
slowing down,
looking at our life.
thankful that our kids
are responsible young adults,
thankful for vacations
and cars and useless shit
that fills the damn garage
but none of it means a thing anymore
because i've realized that without your love
i'm a starving, shriveled peasant
who dies alone
in the middle of the street.

season seven:
here we are.
we've talked,
we've yelled,
we've cried,
and somehow we've begun
to remember our youth
and how much better it was
back then.
but it wasn't because of our young age;
it wasn't the freedom
from real jobs and parenting
and a mortgage payment
and nicey nice cars.
no, it was that
we knew then what we have
simply forgotten
in all this time since:
that it was you and me
against the world.

it was you and me
alone together,
tuning out anything that pushed us apart,
learning each other's bodies
in the dark beneath the covers,
laughing at movies together,
making dinner together,


season eight:
i love you still;
do you love me?

season nine:
it's not the money,
it's not the career,
it's not the stuff,
it's not this or that or the other thing
that will keep this love from dying out.
it is you,
it is me;
it is us.
i am forever grateful
that we remembered before
it got too late.
we remembered the simple joy
of being together
and thankfully
we found those two young kids again
somewhere buried deep in our guts
and we found the love again,
the love that makes this all make sense
and now we're slightly older,
slightly heavier,
slightly more jaded by the world
and it's empty promises
but we are in love again
and now i know we will stay this way
until the day we go back to the earth
but for now
i will hold your hand,
smile at your pretty face,
bask in your beautiful soul,
make love to you and settle in afterward
beneath these warm covers
that protect us from the world
that tried to tear us apart.

***For the Poets United prompt about wealth.***


  1. Great poem a whole life captured in words and discovering at the end what was really important and opening up to that wealth again. Such wisdom

  2. This is excellent, excellent, excellent. I really REALLY enjoyed the progression of your poem, in which you described the various 'seasons' of marriage. And damned accurately, I think. Your poetry has become something I look forward to when I see it. Why? Because you write real. And make the reader FEEL!

  3. Oh, I love it! The life so many of us live, but not all find that happy ending.

  4. that protect us from the world
    that tried to tear us apart.

    Funny enough there are elements that will try to cause dissension to those happy couples causing a rift unfairly started. Why not just leave them alone!


  5. it is you,
    it is me;
    it is us...... I think you captured love in all its complex and simple ways. Truly love this.

  6. Aww... wow. This surely is a progression. If I'm stuck in the early stages then maybe can avoid the bad stuff? Maybe that's a benefit to being perpetually broke. :)

  7. A life story wrapped into seasons of poetry -- an intriguing idea. Season 9 is beautiful!

  8. elegant, keenly observed, and deeply felt ~

  9. beautiful and moving and true...