Saturday, November 5, 2016


He has been gone for about a year now
And boy, would I like to talk with him right now.
We had a way of helping one another reset,
Like we walked a similar path despite the differences
Of age, viewpoints, hobbies -- nearly everything, really.

I love you, Dad. I wish we could talk because my brain
Is a spaghetti mess of short circuits, doubts,
And a little bit of confusion thrown in for good measure
Right about now.
I guess all I can hope for
        besides getting my mind right once again
Is that I can be there for my boy and my friends
The way you were always there for me.

Thank you.


  1. We are nailing down a similar theme. Peace!

  2. Such a legacy, to pass down that father-son relationship to your boy.

  3. I love this: "my brain
    Is a spaghetti mess of short circuits"

  4. Yes, relationships are the most important thing! Your dad taught you well.

  5. I think that's the only way... we need to keep it up, generation to generation.

  6. I'm sure you can, having been taught so well! (And you can still have conversations in your head, because your inner self will know what his answers would be.) I love the simple honesty and immediacy of this, the conversational tone, and the striking description of your 'spaghetti mess'.

  7. What a beautiful touching message for your Dad.