Monday, April 24, 2017


irwin survived cancer,
still smokes,
has a fastfood belly
like a basketball.

henson, who i replaced
out here at the public works facility,
lost to a third bout of cancer
in as many years,
was healthy as could be,
was only 58 or so.

*for today's d'verse poets pub prompt and with tuesday's imaginary toads prompt.*


  1. Cancer has a busy agenda, & is an equal opportunity death dealer. Carcinogens are all around us, like hyenas waiting for our willingness to host them. Terrific Q44; sobering.

  2. Isn't that just the way it seems to go? This is such a great use of the short form. Such a zinger. Well done.

  3. I liked how you described the contrast between Irwin's and Henson's health although both seemed to share similar experiences.

  4. You've thrown us a curve ball, Justin - didn't see it coming.

  5. That is so sad but cancer strikes anyone, healthy or not ~ The ending was unexpected Justin ~ Thanks for joining in ~

  6. I can relate. My brother, mother and father all died of smoking directly related to cancer. They did escape the pot belly though. I'm glad i quit long, long ago

  7. This is so touching.. with an unexpected twist at the end..

  8. It never makes any sense does it.. but everyone approaches it differently, some sadly aren't given a chance. Nice slice of life poem.

  9. It's never really fair is it? there are always those that are outside of statistics.

  10. A good reminder to enjoy every day...we never know what the future holds.