Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Why Do I Run?

Why so swiftly flee from the good safe-house
Of trust and love? Why shift eyes from the True
the Holy, Pure, to dust that blows away
With the cold wind, never to mean a thing?

My wayward heart, it shifts so constantly,
runs from Peace, from Rest and Satisfaction.
Mick Jagger can’t get it, so he belts out
But I know how, yet so often don’t seek
That which is true & good & lacks regret.

I seem to always go the wrong way – down –
Instead of to Your Word, to Your presence
Where Peace lies, where comforting arms will bring
Me back from the brink of insanity,
Where a quiet, striking voice & strong arms
Will end the self-destruction I induce.

These questions cause moments of inflection;
They make me contemplate my next few steps.
In Your Word I will return to walking
And praise You for Your ever-gracious love.


  1. Indeed, we often seem to head in the wrong direction....but one thing about God: God loves us no matter what and always welcomes us unhesitatingly!

  2. Where we feel safe, all we need to do is be.

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