Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Future Vision

*for J & L, whom I love dearly*

This will end.
The tension,
the lying,
the excuses and excuses
     and empty promises;
This will work out.

The wall is being
knocked down
one chunck at a time, a little
more everyday.

The years' worth of
     anger and frustration
     will be blown apart and forgiven forever.

There will be joy;
There will be peace

There will be love after
     all this painful bullshit gets sorted out.
You will get back to the basics
     of love and family and friendship.

These wounds are being torn open,
and will heal into smooth scars of the past,
     not forgotten but no longer destroying
     the flesh of your marriage.

This will work out.

All this rot will go away,
will make fertile ground
for new life to grow.

This will work out.

I believe

that this will work


  1. Best wishes on things working out if this is a poem about your personal life.

    1. Thanks for the well wishes. It's for some very close friends of mine.

  2. I needed the fiery wisdom of your poem today❤️ and yes it will definitely work out!

    1. I think the friends who this is for will make it with lots of work.

  3. A reassurance? Or a desperate prayer? Perhaps both. Things do work out ... but that doesn't always look the way we think it oughta.

  4. I liked the surety and comfort of this, thanks, Mosk

  5. Justin, I do hope that things work out, for J and L. But, sometimes, Life has other plans, than the ones, we have. Either way, I do wish the best, and hope the healing can be successful, for all parties involved.

  6. Let's hope, let's hope. Gosh, relationships take hard work.

  7. Good that you believe...more important that they believe.Nice write.

  8. It will work out, indeed. For what we believe, we become!

  9. There are times that a good friend is needed for support. This was a very nice, and should be helpful to.him or her. My good friend told me, Jim, try to remember that when it seems no one loves you, God still loves you."
    I thought this was corny at the time but now I still remember those words. God's ways are not all our ways. We divorced, both remarried, mine has endured 44 years. She went through two other husbands but she and her fourth stayed, for about 20 years now. I still have a tender place for her. We'd never be together again though.

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